False Comfort

Today’s prompt on haiku horizons is the word “safe”. The word evoked all sorts of images – a physical safe, a baby safe in her mother’s womb, a sense of security. I chose to go with a description of what I thought at the time as a “safe” choice.

I finished college
Thought marriage was the safe choice
Oh boy, was I wrong.

What makes you feel safe?

Image Credit:  phaendin / freedigitalphotos.net

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  1. safe is in the mind ,an illusion , but we have to have faith on the things we think are ” safe ”
    Nice work ! Very much thought provoking !

  2. ah… the woes of all a lot of people I guess 🙂

  3. Sometimes when you “live by surprise” the most amazing things happen. We only learn through living life that a safe choice may not be the right choice.

    1. This is so, so true, Lori! I love how you incorporated Liv’s blog name into your comment.

      Liv, this “safe/have a plan/be prepared for anything I can think of” is something I’ve been spending a great deal of time unraveling recently. Sometimes those things don’t quite work out and playing it safe turns out to be one big headache! lol Fortunately for we humans, we can keep taking stabs at what we need and want! 🙂 So happy for your “Take two!”

  4. I like that “Popular, Recent, Comment” widget (if that’s the right word for it) that you have on your blog. Did you write it yourself or does WP offer it? I’d love to use it on my blog can you share the code with me? I don’t pay for my WP blog but should be able to use it. My email is “bekkieswonderland@gmail.com if you want to send it there. If not, that’s ok thanks!

    1. Author

      It’s a part of JetPack – I don’t know if it’s available on a free site? It is a handy little thing.

      1. So it’s from WordPress but you pay for your account? I just looked it up if I can get the code I can add it. Thanks so much! Hugs!

          1. Not for the free WP account, I was afraid of that but thank you!

  5. Take comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one. Lol! I like that you came up with something different.

  6. That’s a good, good one. What makes me feel safe? Sometimes, lots of things. Other times, very few things. I just have days like that.
    A good book will do, though.

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